• I do not support the 2% raise County Board members voted to grant themselves in 2016 – and I vow to return the money every year once elected.
  • Taxpayer money should go towards addressing constituent issues, and I will fight against unnecessary expenditures for County Board Members.
  • I will continue the work to upgrade DuPage County’s bond rating from an AA+ back to AAA.
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Government Operations

  • Our County Board should continue to effectively consolidate unnecessary departments. As a Board Member, I will ensure that the DuPage Election Commission is cleanly and quickly folded back into the County Clerk’s office.
  • I support constituent accessibility to elected officials and vow to hold frequent town halls to receive constant feedback from District 4 residents.

the Opioid crisis

  • The opioid epidemic is just that – an epidemic. That's why we need county treatment centers for people affected by opioid and heroin addictions, because addiction and reliance should be treated as illnesses, not crimes.

  • I believe that the Opioid Task Force established by the County Board is a step in the right direction, but that reliable public-private funding partnerships should be secured to ensure consistent funding for the Task Force’s efforts

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Tobacco 21 - Raise the Age! 

  • I strongly support a county-wide ordinance to raise the age for buying tobacco from 18 to 21 yrs old, a measure endorsed by the DuPage County Health Department and implemented in the cities of Naperville and Chicago.

Public transportation

  • "DuPage Connects", the recent 25-yr vision for public transportation initiative launched by the County Board that will work to make DuPage a more cohesive area for workers and visitors is an incredible program, and I will fight to make sure that its goals comes to fruition.
  • We need to expand our bus system, build more bike lanes, repair county infrastructure, and make sure that no one should need a car to get around DuPage County.


environment - Preserve our green Areas

  • I support an energy audit of the County Board, coupled with the installation of solar panels on its roof, in order to reduce energy costs and save taxpayer dollars.
  • When elected, I will host environmental workshops for constituents regarding green energy policies that individual households could implement so as to lower monthly energy bills, such as solar water heaters or solar roof panels.


  • I strongly believe that elected officials should represent the areas that they serve and that the DuPage County Board would operate much more effectively with the diversity of opinion offered by women, Democrats, and people of color.
  • A diverse background of viewpoints and experiences are required to develop and pass comprehensive legislation that will elevate all DuPage County residents.